So... I need a little help on designing some things

So, I am making a Walmart-type thing, and you can walk in, and I need help designing the fridges and the shelves. ( No I am not making Walmart, just a giant grocery store. ) Any idea how I can make these?

Um give me a second…also do you have a specific idea or thought of how it should look?

Blue, grey, and yellow are what colours I was going to use

For a fridge, use a metal shelf with some barriers.

with food on shelves? and openable fridges?

They don’t have to be openable, and only very few foods on each shelf.

okay i wont make it openable then.

How about you add drinks Like Water And Stuff

something like this? (this rough draft)
but with food on it

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Here is something I remember making that I can use:
Screenshot 2024-02-21 9.18.31 AM