So I am working on an map and my item granters are only moving on the y-axis and yes I have restarted the game

What the title says ig?

Are you holding down “V” when moving them?

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no I tap m for move then I try and move it normally but it will only move on the y-axis

Hol up I gtg my computer on 12%

Never mindddd…

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i highly doubt they on mobile.
just a hunch.


Press V.

It’ll work.

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They are trying to have the item granters not move vertically.

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Yeah, because they probably were holding V (and didn’t know it) and went into a new tab. When they come back, the game still thinks you’re holding V so it’ll move vertically, even if you’re not holding V. Pressing the V again shows to the game that you’re done moving it vertically, so it’ll stop.

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@ThatGim if the post above doesn’t work try holding/pressing H when moving your item granters

This is because H and V move devices and props along the horizontal and vertical axis’ respectively. This is a new feature and can freeze up sometimes so by hitting H or V it should align it on the axis and then as soon as you release the key it should be free to move anywhere

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No, I have already tried that.

Maybe try restarting and trying again? Or, in editing options, you have the option to put a graph on the map, so that when you move something, it will just automatically line up with the graph…
Screenshot 2024-01-16 7.00.14 AM
Screenshot 2024-01-16 7.00.25 AM

At least I think it lines up with the grid…Oh yeah when you turn on grid snap it’ll align with the grid.

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Oh wow that fixed it, turing grid snap on and then off, thank you.

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