So i am creating a game

So I Am creating a room But i am going to have a lobby but when the game starts your not going to be playing in the lobby i am wanting to have a whole different map when the game starts so how do i do that

but i don’t no how to do that

that still doesn’t help me but thanks for trying man have a good day man

What do you need help with

look up at the top thing i posted

So put one on a pregame spawn and then another on game

Ok thank you man now i understand have a good day man and remember did you pray today

They could be moved further apart so that one place cannot be seen by the other

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oh ok that is ok. sure

agreed @Billybanana. 100% agreed

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Set a spawn pad to “pre-game”.

So lobby ideas you needed?

you just need two spawn pads, one set to pre game and one set to game, and place them were you want in the lobby and main game.

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I didn’t know that

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