So how do I build a PARkour map that is hard and unique

So I have not seen any maps about parkour anywhere and I need help because I want my map to be unique and good. SO can somebody help me with it?(pls don’t delete it)

You can’t do parkour until platfoing releases. And you can only do it once you get season pass.

bruh are you kidding me?I’m not paying for the season pass

It will release to everybody later in the year

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I have seaosn pass i ccan help. platform mode cmes out on the 19th of march

I know but I don’t wanna wait that long

Oh thanks, FnafguyLP

bookmark my comment and set it to the 19th. ill tell you when im online

I can probably be free this Sunday or the next one

You can make a pseudo parkour map, but it’s immensely tough to code. Not worth the effort.

do you have your own computer for after school to use (assuming your in school)

I’m not in school rn and I can use the school computer since I’m out on spring break (aka the one I’m using rn)

when your saying hard how hard is it?

IMMENSELY; hard. (very very hard)

March 19 comes Gimkit Creative Platforming (like dld) for free and available for all people, so just wait 3 days.

no, I though its only available for the season ticket holders???

Yep, but for the sake of users not reading the gimkit news and saying “wHaTs tHe eXaCt dAtE fOr PlAtFoRm??”,

March 19th, 2024.

3 more days left.

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Yes, but look in the Channelog

yea ok its only for season ticket holders they get early acces then later on in the year ppl who dont have the ticket get it

season pass is only 5 bucks, if u just say its an educational game (which it technically is)) ur parents will probably get it for you