Snake with Coordinate System

I think Snake could be done with a coordinate system, maybe the Tamian Coordinate System. While it would be hard, and I am not willing to try to make it and make a guide on it, maybe someone else will.

This might have been done I am not finding a clear answer.

I don’t even think you can make snake on gimkit

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I believe you could, also, make sure to read the Tamian coordinate system. We could use that system to make props that activate and deactivate depending on your score and what blocks you are on or near.

Thanks, also, I have 2 guides. Can you tell me if you like them?

ummmmmmmm the lack of 02 one

That one, and the Drawing Board by Kei one.

And I will also close this topic as I just realized it doesn’t really require help.

Not exactly, at least.

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