Small Quantum Portal

This is no fake ladies and gentlemen, a serious mini-quantum portal! With the speed, item image, ammo, and strength of a wooden wand, this weapon is a seriously debilitated weapon of mass destruction.
But is there any way to fix this? This is the fifth time this has happened today.
You can see it’s not a sticker because it’s under the terrain, so it’s not a problem or anything.


It tiny. What game did this happen? First


Lol. That’s really funny! I honestly think this is a Gimkit problem and not you.

It’s the same bug from your previous topic. Don’t make another duplicate topic until this is fixed.

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this happened on the last post just with a different device. Please keep the same bug on the same post.

Yeah, but it marked a solution and I thought it wouldn’t happen again, so I didn’t wanna pester anyone so I just made a new one for a problem because now I’m not looking for the reason why it happened, but the solution.

Why is it that in the 2nd image, the sprite for the gadget isn’t pointing at the direction of the scope?

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I was taking a screenshot, so it makes the scope and the actual item hard to sync with the movement of the two things and the photo capture. Sorry if that caused confusion.


XD It looks beautiful the issue I usually have is the Quantum gets too big but this is better XD

send us a pick of it Pew pew pewing so we can further evaluate this

The problem is it’s kind of on-and-off, so whenever I get a weapon, it might be a small evil eye or a large blaster, so there are complications in the actual thing. It’s happened a lot, so I refreshed it and now it no longer looks the same.

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Oh wow, I can’t help it lol

This can happen sometimes, you can also get larger weapons as well, have you tried switching back and forth between weapons?

I was playing one way out a couple days ago, and for some reason, the weapons were like 3x normal size

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