Slow Ability help

Basically I’m making a game where you can pick a certain class and every class has an ability, mi trying to make one class have the ability to slow everyone around them and lower their damage. I think I know how to lower their damage but how should I go about making everyone around them slow, without slowing them (I’m using a game overlay for the button)

use a tag zone or a coordinate system
unfortunately both of these use a lot of memory and are complicated

im not really worried about memory so I should be fine


overlay (pressed) → relay (all players) → activate speed modifier (0.5)
overlay (pressed) → relay (all players) → activate damage boost (0.5)
overlay (pressed) → trigger (trigger) (with delay of 10 sec)
trigger (triggered) → deactivate speed modifier
trigger (triggered) → deactivate damage boost


thank you, ill try it

Do you know how to make it so it has a cooldown of 60 seconds? I’m thinking of:

Overlay (pressed) - Trigger (trigger) - Hide overlay, Trigger (trigger, 60 sec delay) - Show overlay

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yep thats it :+1:

now could you pleas mark a solution to close this topic?

thank you :slight_smile:

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