Sleep and Dream Spawnpoint Help

If so, make an overlay that wakes the player up. The overlay should trigger all the triggers. Each trigger should broadcast to a teleporter to teleport the player there.

Okay, I will try that @getrithekd. Also, @leo_flowers, how do I use a checkpoint?

You just place it where you want to, and it makes the player respawn. ( when they touch it… ) You don’t need anything else with it. ( Unless you want )

Oh, okay! Give me a few minutes to check out all of the information I got. I’ll mark a solution if any of it works.

Yeah unless you don’t want the player to die, leo_flowers’ solution should work better.

Okay. Also, the player presses on the button and they get back to the area, right?

You’d have to respawn the player for it to return them.

Okay, I’m using channels for this. Wiring can sometimes be difficult.

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The respawning works! Thanks for helping me all of you! I’ll just mark the solution that helped me.


Again, thanks to @getrithekd , @Cellofive , @KingVon1 @Gimkit101 and @leo_flowers !

Also, my apologies if I forgot to add their username here if they gave me a suggestion.


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No problem. @Princess2216

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