Sleep and Dream Spawnpoint Help

So, I made the respawning thing, but I want it to respawn at the teleporter, but instead it sent it back to all the way back to the beginning of the game. Is it because there’s a bug or is it because I did something wrong??

Open, if you want!

Thank you for helping me for my maps!!

Hope you can help!!!

Do any of you know what could be happening??

Try making a delay using a wire repeater.

Okay, I am having a little bit trouble. Can you make it a little bit more specific, if you can. :smiley:, it’s because I don’t use wire repeaters a lot.

For @getrithekd

Also, how long should I make the delay?

Thanks if anyone can figure this out. It’s been happening a lot for me. I don’t use respawning devices a lot either, so I don’t get a lot of practice on it.

You know anybody can look at that
And maybe 0.2 or 0.15 seconds

Okay, I will try that. Also, what to do for the respawning thing?

Lifecycle (when knocked out) → teleporter (teleport here)
(If you are using respawn device make the thing that activates the respawn have a delay to a wire repeater so they will respawn, then teleport @Princess2216 )

Oh, no I didn’t mean knock-out. I meant when the player presses a button, they like teleport to somewhere but later on when they press on the button they teleport back to the area where they pressed the button to go to the other area.

If this is confusing, please let me know!!

Also, sorry for not being clear before…

Could you be more clear?

Are they pressing the same button the second time?

So, I’m making something like a dream. There is a button to make the player sleep they teleport. After they want to wake up, they press the button to go back to the sleeping area. Hope this is clear @Cellofive and maybe @getrithekd .

First one: Button pressed → teleport player here (to second teleporter)
Second one: Button pressed → teleport player here (to first teleporter)

How to make all players respawn by pressing a button(Difficulty 1/10 or :green_square:)

Okay, also it’s a spawn pad… so when you want to wake up, there’s no way to make them go back to like the spawn pad.

So you used the Respawn device and want them to respawn somewhere specific, @Princess2216? The device sadly only respawns you at a spawn pad (or maybe a checkpoint, I don’t know).

Make 2 separate buttons for sleeping and waking up (each bed has a separate sleep button). Make a trigger for each bed with its activation scope being player. Make the sleep button (do this for each bed) trigger a trigger that deactivates all the triggers for the bed. Use channels for that. Wire the button to a wire repeater with a delay. This should activate the button for that bed.

Are there multiple endpoints for a dream?

Is this really a Bugs ?

You could have a spawn pad, but it would be unnecessary because you can’t manipulate a spawn pad.


@Cellofive, I wasn’t so sure. I thought I was doing something wrong.

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So @getrithekd , to answer your question:

The player just dreams normally and if they want to wake up, they wake up. Not really any endpoints.

Maybe you can use the checkpoint device instead. It looks like this, and it works like a respawn point where they last left off:
Screenshot 2024-02-14 1.20.33 PM