Site navigation missing

Is there any way to create some hyperlinks within your site to “joyn [sic]”, “edit”, “me”, etc. I’m going to work with younger students and the navigation I have to use is “type gimkit/joyn [sic]”.

You can’t currently add a link in game, but you can type a link into text device for your students to read!

I’m not sure what exactly you’re asking for, but couldn’t you show them the code and have them type it in on their own?

Alternatively, you could add a link that sends a user directly to an already-existing game - starting a new game and then clicking on the number at the top will automatically copy that link to your clipboard. If you want to type it out manually, the format is: Screenshot 2023-05-30 144605

If you’re having a different issue, could you explain what it is? I’m assuming that you’re talking about having students play games that are currently being hosted by you, but those links only work until you close the host game page - a new link has to be generated for every new game that you host.