Single player game anyone else is a spectator

Hi! I hope everyone is having a nice day!! I need a little help with something. I’m making a single player game where only one person is allowed in the game. I want anyone else who joins to automatically become a spectator. Does anyone know how to do this? Any help is appreciated!

A very simple way would be to place down two spawn pads, one for the host and the rest for other players. Then place a trigger under the player only spawn pad that is wired to a team switcher, which will turn them into a spectator.

Of course, there is more than one way to do this though.


Devices you will need: spawn pad, 2 triggers, team switcher.
Mechanic: there is a safe trigger and a spectator trigger. the safe trigger lets the player stay in the game. the spectator trigger switches the player’s team to spectator.

give the answer? no.

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Thank you both so much!! @Kosm0-o your solution was very helpful too! I would mark them both as solutions if I could. :slight_smile:


eh. i dont care.
it doesn’t matter who gets the solution, as long as there is one.


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