Signaling That Props Don’t Have Collision to Players

So, what If you want a player to have to go through a prop with no collision, but you got rid of the idea because they wouldn’t figure it out by themselves? This will hopefully fix that!
There are 2 things that you can do to prevent this from happening.
Make the prop have no shadow enabled.

I wonder which one has no collision…
And If THAT Is Not Enough, Make It A Little Transparent, indicating it is fake.
(I found that 0.80 transparency is best for these bookshelves.

And If THAT doesn’t help, then I don’t know anymore.
Try Putting A sign pointing there, but that just ruins the fun


Also can anyone come up with a better title pls?

Noice guide! Maybe “Signaling Props Don’t Have Colisión to PLayers”?

Sure why not.

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this is kinda short (kinda flaggable)
you might want to make it longer
maybe you can add more suggestions and examples

Also, you might want to remove this part

Please don’t use negative/offensive words.

Title Name Suggestion:
Informing players that a prop has no collision [:blue_square:]


Well, I did put it as a mini-guide, but I guess so

This is nice!

Nice guide… Points sign at bookshelf. ESCAPE HERE!!!

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