Sicknesses for gimkit

hi! i am currently making sicknesses and effects as a test! if you have any suggestions, plese comment them!

anyway, without farther ado, allow me to show you my current ones!



just make the player 0.50 speed



apply a 3x damage booster


you might want to add more this is a very short guide

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Um, what kind of guide is this?
Is it finished? Kinda short.


this will only be a guide if you show people how to make them

srry curently trying to make hidden text

hit the setting button and then click hide details

please make the guide tell you how to make them this might get flagged
and if your not done add the wip tag

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This text will be hidden

it should look like that but without my bold which I used to show trick make sure it looks like this with your custom edits

I’d say add W.I.P tag if its not finished


alr done figuring out how to post

i will now take any suggetions for sicknesses or effects!

Heat exhaustion, Use movement meter and when it runs out it kills player due to heat exhaustion

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should that go in sicknesses or effects?

and how long should they be able to walk for before they die?

Add the Flu, it slowly drains health unless they take a “shot” (or clicking a button that says “get a flu shot”)

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so far so good!
remember that the guide must be finished by 1 day or else you cant edit it!

I was thinking of negative health until @gimmaster12345 I realized there is no negative health granter


I’ll just make a part 2 like wumpus did for his gim-dungon guide

maybe a disease that removes health every time you move (using movement meters and pseudo health)

Hunger - Effect
The effect of hunger could be the draining of health slowly

yeah i also realized that. that’s something gimkit needs to add