Should I use this thumbnail or get someone to make one?

Project hypnotiser is nearly complete. So to avoid the current drama… should I use this thumbnail?
Prepare for the name to be leaked.

Or should I get one made?

ooh I really like yours

You can get a few made just to compare and stuff.

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I think you should just use your thumbnail.

If it took too much time, then don’t throw it anyway!

I think ill get a few people to make one just for comparison and see if they can hit 100 vibe points (lol)


keep it because it lookes like me

I mean- uh- because it’s very well drawn

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nooo the “should I use this or get one made” trend is starting…


I think it looks great, you may want to get one made tho.

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IK it wasn’t meant to lol

to make this worse, one of the characters is called Ace helpme

“Ace help-me

Oh, uh, okay.


Any feedback on the thumbnail?

Idk it looks great the only feedback i can say is to make the letters thicker.

nvm I’ll keep it like


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