Should I Make Murder Mystery? [Poll]

Who thinks I should make a Murder Mystery Game? (Glitch Free)
It would have innocents, murderers, sheriffs, and a togglable psychopath (Who wins the game if they get killed) And More Toggleable roles once I think of some. (Comment Any Ideas You Have.) Also, Should I Make The Murderer Kill With A Weapon Or A Button?

  • You Should Make Murder Mystery
  • You Should Not Make Murder Mystery
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  • The Murderer Should Use A Weapon
  • The Murderer Should Use A Button
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Yes, you definitely should! Here’s the resources that can help!

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toggleable roles, huh.

so basically a random roles mod to murder mystery
i could make a couple of those for you if you wish (or give some ideas)


That would be nice

kk ill come up with some ideas

do you want just new roles or should it be sort of where like you could be murderer but you are the class athlete and have a toggleable speed boost and such like sort of variations of roles

in roblox mm the murder can do close range but also throw the knife so I vote for C both

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New Roles Would Be Best

Roles :slight_smile: :
Hitchhiker : If they are the last person left, (with the murderer) then they can win with them.
Swapper : Can attempt to switch roles with someone (hard to code but cool) they win depending on who they swap roles with
Hacker : Has a toggleable speed boost on a 60 second cooldown (wins with innocents)
Veteran : has 2 lives (wins with innocents)
Seer : Can see all the roles that were picked (but not who has them) wins with innocents
Afraid : Spawns with a blaster and a 1.25 speed boost (wins with innocents)
Deputy : Is alerted when the sheriff dies and has a waypoint to them while they are alive( wins with innocents )
Consumer : Starts at .50x speed, but can absorb people to become faster (neutral, wins by
Cheater : After X amount of minutes (right before game ends) they are alerted to who the murderer is and have a waypoint to them (wins with innocents)

More roles coming soon!

Medic :adhesive_bandage:: They have buttloads of heals to give to the others when fighting!
Upgrader :point_up_2:: They can give other player on their team buffs. Generally have a limit.

Heavyweight :muscle:: They generally have more health but are a lot slower. Also, they have stronger gadgets.
Soldier :military_helmet:: They are sorta like the All-Around, have a decent weapon, regular speed, just an ordinary soldier, nothing special.
Spy :male_detective:: They are pretty quick to get around, maybe infiltrate a base or two, but their weapon skills aren’t the best!
Sniper :eye:: Usually have Wooden Wands, hide, generally average speed, snipe others from afar, prefer to be hidden.
Titan :japanese_goblin:: They lurk in the shadows. Pretty slow and has bad damage. Sorta like a support for the better ones.
Plague Doctor :green_apple: They’re sorta like a boosted version of the medic, they heal but can also deal very little damage and stacks up over time.
General :military_helmet:: They command the soldiers, and make the plans (the mastermind behind it all) if they die, chaos will break free. Pretty strong, learned from when they were a soldier, sorta like the queen in Chess, they do it all!
Meat Shield :muscle:: They are the slowest of all but have the most HP. Basically a Gim shield for the soldiers.
Merchant :shopping_cart:: They sell items (drop them) in exchange for game currency (maybe like cash for when they kill someone).
BullDozer :ox:: They have a Quantum Portal, very slow, just reckless. INSANE DAMAGE!
Wizard/Mage :mage: (Suggested by RektRainbow) They can do magic with their wands, and choose between spells like speed, damage boost, etc… Also, they can heal themselves (barely).
Sprayer :gun: (Suggested by Captain-Gim): They have a lightweight gadget (Zapper, Blaster…) usually a common gadget, where they have infinite ammo, so they just spray their weapon to deal minimal damage.
Double-Agent :eyeglasses: (Suggested by MirMirCreates): They are on no team, probably team 3, where they help out both sides, they won’t die unless they’re caught! Typically pretty fast.
Bounty Hunter :dollar: (Suggested by ecraig5871) They are a solo, maybe with a sidekick, killing enemies for teams if they offer them enough for their troubles. Usually very fast and powerful, sorta unstoppable.
Savior :star: (Suggested by Apricity) They can heal someone for full health but end up killing themselves. They can only do this 5 times and they can’t do any damage and have pretty good speed.
King/Queen :crown: (Suggested by ecraig5871) They manage the money, have no weapon, and are very weak. If they die, the game ends…
Shotgunner :oncoming_automobile: (Suggested by Haiasi) They have a close-ranged gun, far away won’t hit. They are sorta like the soldier but are better in close combat and worse at mid or far range.
Beast Tamer :deer: (suggested by Theaxolotl) They can spawn sentries (should have a limit) and can camouflage easily.
Baker :pie: (Suggested by Captain-Gim) They have food for their team but also carry around a P.M.L. to defend themselves.
Greek Gods :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: (Suggested by gum1922) They have the ability of whatever their specialty is (e.g. Aphrodite can charm people) and they are fast and deal a good amount of damage. To make it fair, they have low HP.
Thief :moneybag: (Suggested by ProgramAbyss) They have no weapon and speed is at its highest and they steal money or in-game currency from the opposing team’s base.
Devil :imp: (Suggested by sir_lancelot) They are nearly Gimpossible to beat and they have no alliance. They kill anyone in sight and are merciless, very strong, and OP. They have their own spot to live, usually, people might go there to beg for mercy.
Pirate :skull_and_crossbones: (Suggested by ecraig5871) They steal from others that are not on their teams, they are their own team and they have overall good damage and regular speed.
Hacker :computer: (Suggested by ProgramAbyss) They can teleport people, troll them, and put popups in other people’s screens to stop their game.
Zombie :zombie: (Suggested by CringeKarlScott) They get faster every time they die. They don’t have any gadgets but they tag others instead.
Chance Taker :four_leaf_clover: (Suggested by Gimkiter28) They are equivalent to the soldier but have the option whenever they want to test their luck, 50/50, to get a boost or a defect.
Jester :clown_face: (Suggested by CringeKarlScott) They are on their own team, everyone is notified of who it is, and if they die, the game ends and they win! They don’t have any gadgets and are pretty speedy.
Brute :brick: (Suggested by Haiasi) They have the most powerful weapons, speed, and damage, decked out but every time they kill someone, their curse meter goes up, and if it reaches 100%, they die permanently.
Backstabber :dagger: They attack their own team for in-game currency, have pretty bad damage but very fast. They CANNOT kill the King/Queen.
Polar Bear :polar_bear:: They can activate zones that slow players down but they slow the opposing and their own team down! They have pretty good HP, sort of slow, good damage, and use a Ice cream cones Snowball Launcher
Forest Dweller :deciduous_tree: (Suggested by BCannops) They get paid in-game currency to give the opposing team debuffs and in-game currency to give their team buffs. One per team.
Demonbane :knot: (Suggested by WhoAmI) For every knockout, they gain speed but lose damage. If they get knocked out, they gain damage but lose speed. Originally, they are like soldiers until knockouts occur.
Fisherman :fish: (Suggested by Shiny Riolu) They fish in the water, and have a chance at getting a rare item to give to another player.
Bouncer :closed_lock_with_key: (Suggested by BCannops and GimGuy) They activate and deactivate lasers to make sure only his team can enter the base.
Mind-Bender :exploding_head: (Suggested by Speedy_kd4) They persuade others, even against their will, to j0in the opposing team. They have no gadgets and are average in speed.
Not AI-Generated, it’s from my old guide, since I made that, I have rights to post it.


some great ideas there GimSolver!

Most of these won’t work, as these are for PVP games

What topic has all of these again?

Yeah but if we interpret some differently some could work

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You do realize this is exactly like that one version of modded among us?