Should I do this?

So, I’m thinking of a time travel thing that takes place in the future. It’s the year 3027 and you’re a scientist about to travel into the past (2024) but you end up in the medieval time instead and you try to find your way back to 3027 (multiplayer or single player game). Should I do it? What should it’s name be too?

I like this idea, at least give it a shot! For a name, maybe Looking Back?

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tysm that’s a cool name too.

Tell me if you need help with any mechanics, I can at least try to help!

i actually love this idea. in terms of names maybe something like “the good okd days” (that in of itself isnt great but something with that vibe))

thank you by the way what does okd mean or is it just a typo

I think it is a typo, OKD - OLD

just a typo i meant old