Should i delete my game?

wow… thats exactly what i said to you :smiley: lol (sorry this was off topic back to the topic)

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Bad thing: I’m bad at drawing thumbnails.

I’ve seen some games before that had a thumbnail that looked like someone had drawn it instead of them, and it didn’t even get any views.

I just didn’t want a screenshot of my map.

I trie playing red v.s. blue, but I didn’t like it so I made my own.


i can help you with the thumbnail, don’t worry. tell me the name and what it’s about and i can help you with it. sorry i got to go, hope you fighure it out.

same. rebuilded mine. Just finished! :smiley:

no one ever made this :slight_smile:

I was so proud when I published my Red v.s. Blue. It was my first game.

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Closed the poll early. Ah well.

What kinda makes me sad is, this was a surprise project for a friend. I guess he’ll be mad at me for a week straight because i deleted the game.

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I used canva for my thumbnail, and it turned out great.

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