Should I Add Any Side-Quests And Some More Storyline Quests To My Game?

So Uh I Was Thinking About Adding Side-Quests And Some More Storyline To Add To My Game Bob’s Senty Bustin So You Don’t Only Bust Sentry’s Up
Sooo Give Me Some Side-Quests And Some More Storyline Quests
I Will Probably Make A Poll at some point)
I will choose 10 Side-Quests That I Like The Most (and please tell me how do i make the side-quest)
1.Mr. Money (@WolfTechnology)
2. Some business (@Random_dude123)
3. The Merchant (@Txme_Lxss)
4.Hacker ??? (@chrysostom)
5.File spelunking (@michaelispoggers)
You Will Need A NPC Name)
(Plot:Ai Have Taken Over The World So You Have To Save The Day)

There is a Kynami NPC in a shady alley. (you never actually get to know his name, but it’s “some guy”) He wants you to go to a robot infested base and steal a briefcase. This is a side quest.

a spider prop quest were you will colect different tinted spiders and when you get them all, you will get a call from me(or any npc)
and will send you to an adress, then a portal will open up and a cameo of me will be in the other side of the portal and then i will colect them and the portal closes.(i definitely did not copy this from spiderman 2 :wink:)

NPC: Stache
Name: Mr. Money
1.Oh, hello there
2. I need a little favor from you…
3. You completed my task?! Well I suppose you want a reward.(gives 100 dollars)
4. Money grows on trees!
5. Green is my favorite color, couldn’t you guess?


The quest is entirly up to you, that is just the character and its dialogue.

Like you have to find some money for him (also the currency Is Broken Robot Pieces/BRP

oh ok, yeah what else would a rich guy want?

A Phone? I don’t know man but let get back on topic shall we?

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He’s mad cause you got robot parts all over his lawn (he owns several acres that robots have infested and you umm… powered them all off.) And now you have to pick them all back up.

is the player a bad guy? I have some Ideas if so.


Name: Some business

You just found a note saying there is a supply drop with in game currency on the side of a river.

As you walk in the direction you see a NPC with the name of Stranger
Saying that he was headed there too. but beware there are bandits also trying to get supplies.
Stranger skin is vortex agent

Of course as you walk you encounter 3 bandits!
Not to OP but not weak
Weapon is blaster
Fire rate is slow but CRAZY DAMAGE

You get to the supply drop but as you leave a huge boss appears!
Fire rate fastest
Skin pirate guy

But common blaster

Rate 1-10 on my quest

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7.1/10 in my opinion

8.5/10 for me. it has potencial!

Bob the 2nd survivor

The Merchant

Name: Txme_Lxss

Hey, if you help me defeat 3 bad guys, it can help me set up shop! If you can manage to do it, you can access a shop by me!

give me more context, good or bad?

You could make a quest where someone is robbing a store and you fight them then get a reward, later in the game you could make it so that it effects a dialog piece or a extra mission taking them back. if they are bad you could make them be on the opposing end of robbing the bank but you escape from them, and they find you and you fight them.

if good:
Name bank bust (or something like it)

if bad: bad money

And then he waddled away: The player must go to a lemonade stand, ask for grapes, and repeat 3 times, on the third time he needs to go to a bush and pick some grapes.
(Yes this is inspired by the duck song)


What about mine?