Shooting through walls (Need help)

I wanna know if its possble to make it so youre able to shoot through walls with snowball launchers. Please help!

As of what I know, you can’t shoot through walls that you can’t walk through, but you can walk through walls that you can’t shoot through.

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Thanks, im making a dodgeball mingame and dont want them to go on the other side of the opponets, but still be able to shoot. Can you help?

You could use zone so if they leave their side the get teleported back

Ok. So, you can say that you will die if you go on the other side. Make 2 zones, one covering each side. Make a lifecycle that broadcasts to 2 relays. One should broadcast to team 1, and the other should broadcast to team 2. Team 1’s should broadcast on “Deactivate 1”, and the other should broadcast on “Deactivate 2”. The zone on team 1’s side should deactivate on “Deactivate 1”, and the other on “Deactivate 2”. Now, make both zones broadcast on “Respawn”. Make a respawner that respawns the player when receiving on “Respawn”.

How do I make zones bigger?

There is a change size option on the bottom left in the menu.

im sorry, im new to this, where in the menu?

never mind, i found it.

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You can use a laser beam.

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