Set a property to the name of a player who just knocked someone out (Resolved)

Basically the title. I want to make an end-of-game widget for a battle royale mode where the last player standing is displayed as a property on the widget.

Place down a lifecycle with the event “When Player Knocks out…”.

Now, wire the lifecycle to a trigger with no delay, or collision, and you can’t see it.

The wire should look like “When event occurs → trigger”.

Now, create the block “When triggered…” and place down
Set Property [Example Property]
Value Triggering Player’s name

This is an interesting question! Best guess initially would be to store every players name in a property by having a trigger that deactivates upon use (set to player scope) over a spawn pad, so when the players spawn in, they update a property that stores their names. Upon knockout, the KO manager should remove that players name from the property. At the end of the game, use block code to set the end game widget to that property. However, this is just a guess. If something goes wrong while testing, let me know, and I’ll try to fix it. Hope this helps!

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This just sets the property to the knocked out players name, not the survivors.

It sets the property to the knocking player’s name.

So if it’s a last man standing, eventually, wouldn’t it have to become the last man standing that’s name is on the widget?

True. I have no comeback.

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Theoretically, your idea is better because if the second-to-last player gets knocked out by a sentry, or dies from a laser, the second-last-knockout would count.