Server Lifetime Already?

I focused on something for a while, then came back to my gimkit game, and 5 minutes later:
How did i get this? I thought servers last for about 1-2 hours.

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IDK, I’ve had varying times of Server Lifetimes too. When I was working on one of @SirWyWy’s maps with him, the server shut down really quickly, but a couple of days ago the server for my map lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. There might be some variables that we don’t know of like player activity or something.


one time my server lasted for 3 hours or so. it probably depends on the server availability and how many people are taking up servers…

and how long is “a while”


once my server shut down at 1 hour 12 minutes, and another time it lasted 2 hours and a half, maybe gimkit was really popular that day and they needed to clear up servers, I don’t know how that happened, maybe someone else can explain

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so i joined my game at 9:30, then mom told me to work on studies so i did
so basically 19 minutes

Yeah, I just had a server open before my first reply for 30 minutes ish, and it just closed like 30 minutes ago. So that lasted about 3 hours

It’s probably player activity related but :man_shrugging:

yeah, the servers can be unpredictable. there is no limit or minimum to how long it’ll stay open.
i don’t think it’s player activity related either, i’ve forgotten about an open gkc tab before for almost an hour, and when i found it, it was still running.
what is weird is that this happened during the weekend, which is when the servers are least active. not to mention that a lot of kids are also on summer break now.

so uhh, idk
its not really that big of a deal at least, all you have to do is reopen it. if it continues to happen then it might be a problem on your side.


I don’t know if it’s a set time, I’ve gone almost 3 hours without seeing the warning, and there have been times when it was less than 1 hour

Yep pretty sure server lifetime is around an hour but if your afk for a while the server may shut down because it doesn’t see any activity.

I found out that it was a player trolling and adding that using the notification device.


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