Sentry not firing until in close range

so idk if i still have this bug as it is random but after doing a temporary rock wall defense after it disappears the sentry dosent attack until the player is point blank so idk might be useful for friendly sentries again eh who knows just a random bug i encountered a few times so idk if its still there

Can you provide a picture of your setup?

hold on…

this is normal try giving spesific commands to your sentry

sentries take commands? or are you talking about like deactivating and reactivating the sentries?

yes @Blackfox45666 though, it might have been taken out in an update

No this is not that normal, you may be thinking that it’s a far distance. But @Blackfox45666 correct me if im wrong they are pretty close together right like the players to interact with the sentries

that’s correct @The_7th_Dragon

That is correct, and it does happen, like a lot, if you get in a decent angle ontop of a sentry, its fire will not hit you, and sometimes not deal damage.

no im talking about like it wont attack at normal ranges and only attacks like at close range i might have explained it badly

Yeah, I have the same problem with my sentries. Some attack long range and some don’t I don’t know why.

That is completely normal. You should not be worried, tho i’m not sure if there is anything you can do about that…

It could just be that the sentry hasn’t registered that the rocks are gone, will it shoot at you from any further than the original rocks?

ok? i will mark a solution for now i probs just wasted time darn it

I would delete the sentries, close out of your game, and restart your device, if that does not work email, about this. This should reset any bugs, and with the 100+ props being added in two days, many bugs should be expected…

sorry @Blackfox45666 feel free to ask me anymore questions you have under another post

ok i will see if that works later i gots a bit of work to do for now i mark a solution


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