Sentry movement concept

So, what if we could make sentries move using animation and still carry damage? I have an idea about having props with one health on the path of the animation and when the prop is destroyed, it could increment a counter representing the sentry health. Do you think this could work?

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How would the counter affect the sentries health tho?

Deactivate the sentry after a certain amount was reached.

This could definitely work, @WhereIsMyHat . The animations could just be a couple frames, but it would work!


Should I ping shdwy? I know their pretty good at this type of thing.

Yeah, ping shdwy. He will probably take this as easy! :wink:

Hey, @Shdwy, do you know whether this would work?

It would rely on the fact that a bullet can damage multiple 1hp barriers at once, where the dead barriers add up to the damage the projectile does. So, I think it wouldn’t

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Hey @getrithekd , can you try and see if these game mechanics work in-game?

Maybe it could work short term, though? Just not about the extra damage.

Didn’t @WhoAmI make a topic on that?

Which ones?

The ones that were in the original post by @WhereIsMyHat .

It used to be easier with teleportation, but it got patched.

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Yeah, that’d work as long as you deactivated the props that the sentry isn’t on after it leaves the spot.

@getrithekd they actually only hit one thing at a time, even if theyre in the exact same spot. I assume it’s auo adjacent.


I think we can do it if we really try. This is such a gr8 idea! :wink:

Yeah, so the counter could deactivate all of it with a single channel.

This is like the bedwars idea for the bed. It uses the same principle.

I’m gonna make a guide on this now.
(only cus i wanna name it)

So it shouldn’t work…

I have a name idea: Sneaking Sentries!

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