Sentry Memory Bug

basicaly somtimes it says that sentries cost 1000 memory, but sometimes, it says that it is 500 memory, so which one is it??

The first sentry that you place down is 1000 memory, and all others after that are 500 memory.


Do you know why?

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That’s just how the devs decided to make the memory. I don’t know why they did this.


Maybe it costs more because it has to set up the map for all the other sentries?


That could be possible… it was what I was thinking, too.

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like @getrithekd was saying I don’t think its a bug, its a feature

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They probably did that because if you’re making some game and there’s a part you have to interact with a sentry, it can’t just be starting from 0% to 55% memory, so they did it so 1st sentry takes 1% of memory while 2nd placement takes 0% unless you place it the 3rd time.

Yeah, that’s was I was thinking too

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