Sentry kill message?

is there a way you can make it so that when you get killed by a sentry, a message pops up in the side of the screen like the thing in tag that says “out of energy”?


One minute, I’m sure there’s a guide on this

But wire it to a sentry? If you want it to say who knocked it out


that’s called a notification and is made with a notification device

just wire the sentry to the notification

if i do that, it will ask if you want this

Click the Sentry knocked out box and the send notification box.

Place a KO manager, and wire it to the notification.
(Wiring the sentry doesn’t work)

no, i want it so that the sentry kills the PLAYER, and the message sends

Yes. Use a KO manager to detect when the player dies, then send the notification when they do.

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But the system won’t know if the player was killed by rhe sentry or by the player.


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