Sentry Dodgeball Problem

I have a wave system trying to figure out if one person dies they switch to spectator but if someone makes it to the next wave the spectator comes back into the game.

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I haven’t experimented with it, but based on what I saw, you can’t bring players out of spectator mode. You could take their gun away and put them on a different team, with invincibility if you want. There is a guide on invincibility. However, when you change the team back, they will respawn.

Are you trying to make it so the player comes back for the next wave, or is that already happening and you want to fix it?

Trying to figure how to do that.

I have looked into it and I don’t think there’s a way to respawn someone after they have been set to spectator. The best you can do is use a knockout manager and a teleporter to put a player in a lobby of sorts when they die and teleport them back in next wave. I’ll continue to look into it but that’s the best I can do, sorry.

Thanks Ill do this instead of put them on spectators

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Try wiring a trigger to a relay to a team switcher.

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I tested this and couldn’t get it to switch them back, how do you do it?

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Do you need the people to switch to the spectator team and then go back in as a player when the game starts?

No, I was trying to figure out how to switch a player out of spectator during the game.

That’s unfortunately impossible as of now. As an alternative, you can teleport them into another room and maybe give them weapons in case they get bored.

Or maybe have arcade games there.