Sentry Bug Viewing Problem

Does anyone see anything wrong with this
Screenshot 2024-05-29 8.44.35 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-29 8.44.49 PM
When I start the game, the sentry is gone.

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Well, the sentry is set to active on game start and I presume by the wires you are still in editing mode?
What seems to be the problem? (Also, since there are wires in the screen, the Snowball Launchers and Snowballs are from Item Image Devices)

Oh sh0ot I forgot to state the problem silly me well when I start the game the sentry is gone like did I accidentally put a magician there

it must be a glitch
try reloading the game

maybe the barrier is covering it somehow? try removing it then test


wdym in your bio…

This glitch has happened to me and some other people
when the sentry is placed in a certain spot the sentry might be seen when the game starts.
But if this isn’t a glitch maker sure that the sentry is above the barrier in layers

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could you show us the wires connected to the sentry?

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from what I see there aren’t any wires connected to the sentry based on the visuals but there probably is one from the button to the sentry since they are close together. so either deactivating or activating the sentry when the button is pressed.