Sentries not showing up in-game

I have 12 sentries in my map (they are not all crammed together) but they do not show up in-game. Does anyone know how to fix this?

are they set to active on game start?

Yes, and I have the item slots in the settings set to 5, so they should appear

This has happened before but that was about 6 months ago

huh, that’s really strange.
how high is your memory? sentries take up alot of it.

It’s at 32%

ah, ok. i doubt its a memory glitch then.
is there anything knocking out the sentry in game or deactivating it? maybe check any of the wires connected to them if there is any.
if that doesn’t work, then try refreshing or restarting you’re device.

The only thing that knocks the sentries out are players

alright, then try refreshing and restarting your device.
if the issue persists, i would just report the bug and hope it gets patched.

The sentries appear but now the zones aren’t working after I refreshed

what’s wrong with the zones? like what are they supposed to do

They are supposed to send out a signal that starts a countdown through notifications, it did that before I refreshed, now they don’t

are the zones and the sentries connected at all? it might be the problem, since when one works, the other doesn’t.

No, they are not connected

I had this problem in Bugs before

if this is a recurring problem, then i would suggest reporting it.
i’m really not sure why things aren’t working, someone else might though, so maybe keep this topic open for now.

Ok, thanks for at least trying to help

Please mark a solution @RandomKid!

I haven’t found a solution…

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This has been happening for a while… for me, the sentries just appeared in a certain area, it was like there was an invisible zone…