Sentries aren't attacking me

The sentries won’t attack me, even though they are on team sentry

Any Pictures @the_chosen_one?
If possible make a GIF.
If it can’t be fixed with given replys, consider moving this to Bugs

Pictures of what?

I think this might be a bug. If they aren’t attacking you, but your not on the same team as them, then this might be a bug. could you show us screenshots?

Is their anything surrounding them, because it could say collision enabled.

Pictures of the sentry and it’s surroundings.

Hmmm… Try showing us the sentry’s settings.

Also don’t show the code people might joi.n.

This may sound really, dum.b but I guess some people would not know, but… you are pressing play right??? Right???

Yes, I am. I could do a screen recording I guess.

Fweeeew, I did not want to sound silly but I guess some people might not know that, good to know that you DO.

You were right, someone joined my game :frowning:

Hmmm I don’t see any issues this is probably a bug, try something in map settings possibly.

Yeah, probably just kick them and end it, who knows who stalks this forum.

I did that



Twenty charecters

Oh, for some reason can’t do that…

I figured out the problem! I had done most of the floor before the wall but for the caves where the sentries are I forgot to switch it back to floor after doing the walls.