Selling System BUT selling Farming Food and Fish

How do i make a selling system but sell fish or farming food (whatever that is)? Guides won’t really help since it’s confusing.

Can you give a clearer prompt? What, exactly do you want to do?

You know that selling tables in Fishtopia & Farmchain? Like the fishtopia one lets you sell fish but the farmchain one lets you sell food.

I want to do that together with one selling table.

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put down vending machines:
required item: “fish”
granted item: “20 cash”
attempt to purchase on channel: “sell”
item purchased, broadcast on channel “sell”

now place a button:
button placed, broadcast on channel “sell”

now copy the vending machine again and again, and customize them to sell different fish and food

so like this but repeated again and again and again?


yeah, but use channels its more efficient
also if the attempt to purchase fails it doesn’t work anymore, so you don’t have to worry about auto selling later in the game

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i like using wires

use checkers and item granters it’s more memory efficient

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