Self moving. This is so odd

I made a house that hides, then shows again. This is the setup:

Or, that is what it is now.
It was neat and there were no floating signs. But, everytime I leave the game, they are floating around. Before you say “reload”, reloading causes the problem. It’s really annoying to have to replace everything, and when I enter in again, I have to fix it.

i feel like this is happening a lot lately… and I have no idea what to do about it


I’m going to start deleting the world if this keeps happening.


its platformer right?

Can you demote masterpikachu in the gimkit creative chat padlet? He’s treatening to delete the entire padlet

(Also sorry for off-topic )

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idk, maybe press “save” before leaving the world?

its probably because platformer is still beta

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this is a newer bug in platformer a lot of people are seeing where it shuffles props around it seems to happen in places where a lot of props are close together like a house currently we don’t have a fix so all I can suggest is emailing gimkit


welp. the only thing I have to say is email gimkit and see what they say if they don’t do anything about it yet.


It’s a server-end issue; it might be due to large packets (people creating strings with 100,000+ digits and indexing through it)
I also experienced this with my maps as sometimes they don’t save after leaving.

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Email Gimkit would be the best choice

most likely a save file error but it could just be ur leaving b4 it can save
50/50 nvm teapot explained it ._. I really need to study coding a lot more

that what I just said bruh.

As margimkitcreator said just email because we can’t really help as this is a bug in Gimkit’s code.

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