Self moving gim. So weird

Okay, so I was editing my GKC Map and I was pressing the left arrow key but for some reason I started going right, and when I tried to jump (it was platformer) I started moving right and COULD NOT STOP! I had to delete the tab and reset my Chromebook just to build again.

it does that to me, just do random stuff with the arrows.

It could just be a jammed arrow key

man for a sec i thought it was moving sentries

I rly need that for my next game

nope, unfortunately not

I do wonder when dig it up npcs will be added to GKC though…

did you have inverse on, or did you have sticky keys (done by holding down shift for too long, and then you have to hold the key insted of clicking)

@1234567, if your problem’s solved, please mark a solution. :white_check_mark: If not, please explain in more detail what your problem is.

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