Self Chests (Roleplay Help)

I want to make a chest that holds items for every player but when one player puts stuff in, another only finds the stuff they put in, not the others.

I don’t think that that is possible.

Maybe try using properties. (Maybe)

What are you using for the chest?

filling cabinet…

Give me a sec and I’ll try something out….

you could use properties that track you name

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What items are you wanting to be able to put in there?

idk yet, probally

  • Cash
  • Lottery ticket
  • All Foods

Also, does it NEED to be the same chest if they are different teams? You could make an area another team cannot enter

its a roleplay game and they all have one available house in which the chest can be used for everyone

Oh wait, you could just make a button active for team 1 and not team 2 and another vise versa…. To make it so they can access it. Also what is the reason or purpose for it?

to hold items that each roleplayer can retrieve

But like, why would they want to…? There isn’t a limit to the amount of items you can hold

no limit.

there are theives that can pickpocket players, so for safety, the chest is there

I think it may be a thing with a lot of checkers and whatever

Gotcha… use pop up’s (for whatever options you want) and vending machines, perhaps?

make a room where you can drop items and make a different room for each player

wait we could make a thing where he can go in a room that he can drop his items and they dont decay! he goes in chest