Seasons greetings, Game mechanics and decor

I thought it was summer, updated my last post, sorry

hows this? need to fix anything on spring?

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more flowers?

I would say some more flowers

Have you fixed that haystack glitch
Becuase I know how to fix it

Maybe look at dis

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For the hay glitch just click on the haystack and at the top of the bar go to (appearance) → (Alpha). Set alpha to 1.00 and that will make so it is not transparent.

is it like animal crossing?
the game I mean

What? No! pls read the above messages

oh sorry
I do’t always read the post right
back on topic now I’ll leave

Thats a major improvement on the spring area. Good job :+1:

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you dont have to leave… just read it right :slight_smile:

Great, just more flowers

this could be a great game!

I think summer needs some work

Thanks!! I hope to finish it by the end of december.


The game or the lobby?

The whole game. :slight_smile:

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“Although each season has its own unique traits and quirks, we can all coexist and thrive within the realm of friendship.” - Caternaught, 2023.

this is for a guide I am creating. do not steal pls…

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Good luck with that, remember that you are in this community that help