Search Before You Post

So I’ve been watching the forums for a while.
And I’ve seen a LOT of the same problem.

People making duplicate guides without searching.
Like, even if it’s a different method, it’s still not quite original.

I’m not going to ramble on and on.

So the main points are:

  1. Search before you post a guide or ask for help. There might already be a guide about it!
  2. If your supposedly “original” method is about to be posted, rethink. Is it really an improvement from already existing ones?
  3. Don’t make a guide for the sake of making a guide. That’s just clutter, lazy, and low-effort.

Yeah, that’s it.

This is likely to be flagged and taken down, but I hope my message gets across.

Please, link this as soon as someone makes a dupe guide and help make the forums less cluttered and bad.

We must crawl out of the Dark Ages.

Thank you.


Are you an alt? That’s a lot of advanced info… great stuff for a new user.

if not, then welcome to forums.

oh wait, you’ve been watching. nice. Welcome.

Also, not to reveal any hypocrisy here but I feel like this might have been said before… idk tho, probably wrong

this is great, it needs to be read

well, does this count?


This post is definitely written by an alt…but it is rather necessary due to many people joining forums recently.


not really the same though, this one is more about check if the guide was already made.

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Come on, the “I’ve been watching the forums for a long time” excuse is getting old. How about some new alt disguises?


this guise completely copied from @reliefr’s


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lil bro has not been watching the forums :skull:

Brody’s acc is 4 hours old

(Sythic is right though. whoops)

You are continuing an off topic discussion.
People can watch the forums before making an account, although yes its an overused excuse for an alt and probably is an alt in this case.
Just flag and move on, there is no need to continue what others have already said.

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tysm for this guide.
hi sythic!
also, isn’t this like a psa and aren’t forum related psas not allowed? js wondering…

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seaaaarch and reseaaaarch

well right now isn’t the dark ages.

At least there’s an Art to there’s no overheated discussions about thumbnails.

now then, if the bot busters seasons could end


:man_facepalming: @spirit_walker why don’t you use the search bar?
You made this PSA when there were already topics on this point.