Screen Randomly Going Black

My screen randomly goes black. This has happened over the last few days. My memory is at 26%. It does this after a few minutes of building my map.


Yeah, this happens when I host discovery games too. Normally when I exit the game then rehost it it turns out fine. Also try to clear your cash and don’t have too many tabs open

Not sure why, but it doesn’t seem to be a gimkit problem. I would recommend being close to your router, shutting down your device every night, have no more the 3 tbs open at a time, and see if your device is up to date. Otherwise, i have no idea on how to help.

Assuming you mean cache, right? That usually fixes the problem.

Do any errors appear in the console when the screen goes black? If so, can you send an image of them?

Yep, sorry about the typo :sweat_smile:

Idk he didn’t specify anything much more than is was a black screen. But @Blackhole927 can i ask for a favor?

I’ll send any I see when it happens again.

so nothing shows up but a black screen? can’t you just inspect the site when something goes wrong and see if is shows anything? Not sure if that will work though.


I think you gotta have your console open when the screen goes black, by the way.

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If you are available tomorrow, can you get a map overview screen shot that i can add to my new among us guide? I can’t use gimhook because i’m on chrome.

@Blackhole927 maybe better internet is the solution (?), if not, maybe just the device that’s funky.

Yeah that’s what I said, it makes the most sense.

I won’t be available tomorrow. Sorry.

Ok, when will you be available, i want to get this guide finished and not have it be bad.

Blackscreens aren’t caused by internet issues. They’re caused by the game engine having an error and failing to render the screen. An example of this is after the release of new skin spritesheets, duality was misspelled in the files, causing blackscreens when the game tried to render it.

Actually- give me 20-30 minutes and I can do it.

so like the 404 gateway error, or 502 sort of issues?

Kinda, I guess.

(also 404 is not found, 502 is bad gateway)