Running Out of Energy (Help)

So I want the game overlay to show how much energy you have, and when it reaches 0, you have to answer questions to move again. I haven’t been using Gimkit in a while so I might have forgotten.

Thanks all for your help!

Movement meter that takes away energy as you walk.

I can help

Okay, @th3_ca1tsune can you or @Nature_Boy_Drama16 help me explain it step by step, please?

ok so do you want it to where you answer questions to get more energy

Just using game overlays popping up on the four angles of the screen, technically just one.

You answer questions, and that grants energy. The movement meter takes energy away between a time interval. The game overlay tracks an item/energy. Another overlay can act as a button that opens a questioner.

but do you want it to where you answer a question to gain more energy

Okay, so I made the movement meter to get connected to the energy overlay, how do I make the person answer question to increment the number, is it using a counter?

Use an item granter for this,.

Or use this guide:

Please search before you post, as your question might’ve already been answered.

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Okay, I will try that (I’ve used the item granter two times in the game mode I am making right now).

I can help if you joinn my padlet

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I just have another quick question @th3_ca1tsune and @Nature_Boy_Drama16 , how do I know which team is team one and two?

You can color the overlays for both teams.

for what

How would I do that?

Check this one, the reply.

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