Ruined Caves Bugs and Suggestions (1st forum, do not judge me)

Hello! This is the community forum for the Ruined Caves Gimkit map that I have created. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please let me know down below so I can possibly add your suggestions and fix the bug!

UMMMMMM welcome to the forums @CartersSword7
The help section is only for needing-help posts

is the game good i’ve seen it

hello and welcome to the city of chaos the fourms, i hope you find your time here enjoyable @CartersSword7, do know there can be no j0in codes posted here and be respectful to people

Oh yeah this is advertising…

Thanks for notifying me

umm also to mention thats sorta advertising its not allowed really…

Np no one’s gonna flag you since this is your first time, but maybe mark a solution to close tis up? Also here are some of the rules:

would it count as advertising if i did it because i didn’t make the map

If I want to know bugs or want suggestions for my map, what do I use?

Maybe the wix? A padlet chat?
Link for the wix:

It’s my first time here, I dunno the rules yet.

Why thank you for this!

Np happy to help :smiley:

you should do a padlet then input the link to is so i can input my suggestions

i get that i don’t have the rules but make mistakes and learn you can’t know until someone tells you or it happens … but i mean it does point out rules to read so …

bro please put padlet link here i have a bunch of suggestion to make map more immersive

i don’t think they are online at this point but you can put it in a padlet with a link to it for them to read

yea ok i’ll figure it ourt

You could use black barriers with 50-80% transparency on the top layer to create the illusion of being dark.
You could also use two black barriers both only having 25-40% transparency and make one of them disappear after your players get a lantern upgrade.