RPG map help needed! AGH!

I need ideas for my RPG style game, not gonna go too much into detail but I can if asked, I also need guides on how to make speakable Ai and how to make my AI look different with props! Thank you furthermore-Sir Quillius Inkpot

With popups

What? I need details! And ideas!

Have a quest that is endless and goes in a loop to waste time

Not how my game goes… do you need details?


So, the premise is… You go on a quest as a stage producer to help a new singer named Rick Gimly make a new song, you get all the needed items doing side quests and such. Then when you finish, you get Gim Rolled. Also you have to start with two people.

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I need @Foxy and @Captain-Gim and other good tech users to help @Blizzy please.

Never gonna gim you up! Never gonna kit you down!

My mind has gone blank

Look what I found that I will use

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Getting off topic, anyway, HELP!


Remember, you can also get help on the Padlet.

The padlet is too slow, I need answers HERE!

Never mind I need no help.

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