Rhythm Game ideas

Does anyone have an idea of how to format a rhythm game in GKC?

How does a rhythm game work?

Is a rhythm game similar to Dance Dance Revolution?

you could try to make a song that exists


it’s like you do stuff and actions to a beat. You might be able to use triggers, but not sure about the music

That would be really hard because gimkit does not allow for other sounds or music to be added to gimkit creative right now.

well dose gimkit allow to make your own sounds?


Well I guess you could use the in game sound effects to try and create music.

there are in game sound affects? we got to try that


I had an idea for “Music” Using sentry’s with weapons spawning in and out shooting another (Unarmed) Sentry, and them spawning at specific times and health graters to make it not die, but it would be SUPER difficult

going offline


yes that or friday night funkin or a dance of fire and ice or beat saber, any of those are rhythm games

You would need a coordinate system. You might want to check out Dragontamer’s guide: Improved Version of Tamian Coordinate System (Difficulty 2/10)
The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: 🟨 (See: Updated)
The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: 🟨 (Version 2.0)

Thank you that looks helpful. Also I would need some way to have sprites, such as arrows, etc, move up towards the player.

No. You can add sound with gadgets though.

oh ok that’s helpfull


It wouldn’t be difficult at all. I already made a system kind of, but I don’t think it’s worth making a guide on. Unless you want to make your own.

You make it. It was an idea, but I personally have other guides I want to make soon.

oh thanks, I hadn’t heard of that before, I’ll try it out.