Reteleport to Lobby

I have posted on this topic a lot, but I am creating a battle royale style game, and I currently have a lobby where you spawn in, a battle place, and a waiting room.

This is the entire code and machines

this is the code in the text connected to the teleporters

this is the text connected to the lifespan.
How would I make the players return to the lobby, because I try to send a message to a respawner, but it doesn’t work.

you can not use a spawner to respawn players in a lobby after the game began. But you can use teleporters.

oh, but then how would I use teleporters?

you can make it to when player get KO’d they are forced to spawn in a differnt room and and just place a teleporter in that room that leads to the main spawn, that or just place a spawner that only works when a KO machine goes off taht players spawn there, and that is in the lobby.

well like I have a waiting room they teleport to when they die, and then, when there is one person standing, everyone teleports to the lobby?

you can’t do that, You alread have the room stuff complet, but the most you can do when one player is standing, you must end the game, or make it to when one player stands on a team, game will end. Then you mjst manualy re start the game.

Wait, so is there a way to teleport someone to somewhere with a broadcasted signal?

yes, channels are just like wires. that is why on a teleporters settings it says this is “what teleporter” and this will teleport to “what teleporter”.

So could I use that to teleport the other players into the lobby again with the playercheck signal?

yes, you should be able to, that or just like how you made players spawn in a specific room after they died, just move that system to the lobby.

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