Retaking the tutorial

This is not a forum related topic.

Is it possible to retake the tutorial that shows up when you first try to create a map.

Not to my knowledge

I’ve never been able to.

Oh… that’s annoying.

In that case, can someone provide pictures of each step? I really need to look over it.

Why? What information are you trying to find?

I can’t take photos, as Ive already done it, sorry.

If you’re just doing it to find information, then make an account and delete it when done. Or look it up on the internet… idk

Please be kind, those words sound a bit harsh.

I honestly don’t think there is. Also, the tutorial shows how to use only basic devices, props, and wires. I’ll make a new acct and show you though!

Thanks, that will help me a lot.

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What tutorial the GKC one. Here’s the steps. Step one place down terrain. Step 2 place down trees. Step three place down questioner and item granter. Wire the item granter to the questioner. Finally placed down sentry and end game device and wire the end game device to the sentry so that when it’s knocked out to end the game.

There are so many images I took. Hold on I’ll upload them in a sec…

Aaack they all have my real name in them :dotted_line_face: :unamused: :face_with_thermometer: :pleading_face:

If you sign up to GimKit Creative with a different email, you can retake the tutorial that way

Just cut it out by lowering it to just the text box. Thank you for your help BTW.

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You’re so welcome! I hope this is really helpful.

The only ones that were important that were missing were adding a sentry (What you connect the end game device to) and wiring the questioner and the item granter together.
Hope this helps!


Wow! It is so nice that you would crop those photos! Thank you on behalf of the whole forum.

You’re welcome! It took a while :grin:

Thank you so much. I’m working on something that requires these images.

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