Respawn checkpoints plz guys

how can i ( without code) make checkpoints that are enabled with a trigger

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This video should help!

can u dumb it down i aint watching allat

What do you mean "dumb’ it down?

Also, it’s only 9 minutes. You can be patient on that.

give me a summary of it speedrun it

sorry time is money

I apologize, but i cannot summarize the video. I’m currently busy of things right now. I only got notification from you creating the topic.
You can ask someone else to speedrun this, or maybe watch the video yourself.

@NavyCatZ help so i can understand it



I think Navy’s offline right now since thay aren’t responding.
JamesPotter is here, though!

thank you and im sorry if i sounded rude


It’s okay, you didn’t sound like you were rude.

you can use 1 block passageways with triggers max trigger 1 and trigger by player collision that activates your checkpoint button/respawn


then you can make a notification that says new checkpoint

trigger (max trigger scope player, max trigger 1, trigger by player collsion, not visible in game) wired to an overlay and a notification, overlay button wired to an invisible teleporter, when clicked teleport, when trigger triggers, show notification

*also make the overlay not active on game start