[ 📰 Resources] Important Forum PSA's

Thanks, but the title is resources, because there is more than one guide.

Guys, don’t tags double as resources? You can pretty much create a tag and put a bunch of guides with that tag, and people can search through it. Just an opinion, I think it would reduce less clutter.

yes, if you click the tab, it will bring up all the post that have that tag, but it does not sort them between useful or not.

Some thing like # useful-psa and # psa. That would be easier to browse through.

f you put that everyone would put useful-psa, so that would not work.

What about this one?

Or is it just PSA’s and not FA’s

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Why is the what is liked/disliked PSA here? I know a lot more PSAs that are more useful.

Thats why I said, to add them I made it a wiki.


I completly forgot about this. :sweat_smile: Bit of an important post.


I have a question, am I able to make a guide on how I can help others?

Is it about the forum? Or about GKC?

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if ur talking about a psa we´re taking a break from that for a while

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Mmm I wouldn’t recommend doing that now…as jeffo said psas/fas are flaggable bc we have too many…

But there is a way to make one, with his approval.

im talking like a guide on how I can help other people do things and what I can’t help with

Most likely, no because that is self promoting, but you could ask jeffo. But I would say no.

like how to make gkc stuff? yeah thats fine

Read the post a bit more carefully and you will understand what @Lucasarino is saying.

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no, I wouldn’t recommend doing a guide on how you can help, as that is like @WolfTechnology said,

And that isn’t a good idea, and will most likely get flagged…

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