Resources for Copies

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blud we dont need these

didnt we say not to do this?

PLease STOP posting resource guides, we don’t need them STOP, how many times has a regular (Or anyone else) told you this in the past 10 mins? HUH?


So you made a Resource about your Resources? Cmon dude.


So nobody understands that I am trying to point out the community’s lack of action against duplicate guides.

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But we do have action against them, search up duplicate guide, and you will see a lot.
They will probably we flagged and in devices.

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I agree that there’s so many duplicate guides, and I can’t state my true opinion or that I am, “Mean”

Like there’s many dupes. But at this point, there’s nothing we can do.

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But yours aren’t even duplicates, its just links to other guides

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How many of the same guides are in each of my linked posts?

? what

I do appreciate you are trying to help the forums, but like 4 posts on resources is kind of over the top.

If you want, you can do what reliefr did and just make a post called “The problem of duplication on the forums”

(Cough cough hypocrisy of duplicates, duplicating 4 resource guides cough cough…)

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FOR? but i seen nothing? sorry for caps.

and @GrammarPolice what did you quote of mines?

Sorry. I linked the last post instead of the first post.

wait so what did you link of mines? @GrammarPolice

Nothing. I made a mistake.