Request for: Thumbnail for Lab Lockdown

I need a thumbnail for my “Flee the facility” type game called “Lab Lockdown” I only ask that you make it look desent. (please submit here… [most people can’t access padlet])

I can try to make one.

Any gims you want in particular?



I’m going to also try to make a thumbnail but I need to know if there are tubes and computers?

No, just a Vortex Laboratory and a Echo agent running away. Some echo agents locked up inside. (and some random gims)

ooh can I make one too? I’ll have it by tomorrow

Ok I finished:


Hey! That looks really cool!

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I can’t tell, are those gims hand drawn or imported images? Either way, it looks amazing.

I think imported, but that special monster gim is hand drawn pretty sure.

also the yellow thunderbolt thingy is too.

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@SAD it looks awesome!

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The vortex, and Echo agents are imported, but I hand drew the other one.



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By the way, the yellow thunderbolt thingy is a creak in the door, I also drew the walls with the tool in kleki that allows you to draw a straight line.

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