Request for level names for Islands in my Fishtopia based map + Thumbnail request

I need some level names for my Islands in my new fishtopia based map and a thumbnail to go with it. The name of the game is called Fishing Frenzy. I would like the creative gim, polaris, and the stash gim (also the basic gim) in the thumbnail. That is all.

What levels do you have, can you explain them?

I don’t have any in mind, just the fishtopia ones (like the purple island and stuff like that) I just need names for the islands.

Fantisic fishing lake.
POI names

Silly salmon island, fish frenzy island.

Isn’t “Fishing Frenzy” a blooket gamemode? Island names: Hula Hula, Aquarius, Sol Beach, and Isla de Views are some options…