Request For Find The Button Thumbnail

Hello Is This Thing On…

First Of All Thank You For Clicking On This Post

Second Of All Let’s Get Down To Buisness


  1. There Must Be A Hidden Incognito Gim

Incognito Gim Is Shown Under


2.It Must Have This Text ( text is shown below ) With The Text Features

The Text (Removed The Backround So You Did’nt Have Too)


Bye And Enjoy Making Your Thumbnails!

make it not visible in game

Welcome to the forums @Bait! I will get to work on one.



Lets keep these requests to a minimum, we don’t want the GKC team banning thumbnail requests again, do we?

no i guess we dont

I Accidently Pressed Sulution Bruh

wonp wonp it happen to all of us

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