(Request Closed) Can somebody make me a thumbnail please for a racing game?

I’m planning to make my second game on Gimkit Creative. The game title will be called 'Ultimate Gimkit Raceway where players can race on one of many tracks that are adapted from Gimkit’s official gamemodes. Each race track will have a theme of one of Gimkit’s official gamemodes. I need a thumbnail for the game please. Thank you.

Here’s what my thumbnail would look like:

  • The Title on a checkered-flag with a lightning volt at the bottom.
  • You can include my logo ‘AlvinFun Entertainment’ on the bottom right side, if you want.
  • A few Gims in karts racing on a Echo vs. Vortex (Capture the Flag)-themed racetrack along with a finish line.
  • The Title on a checkered flag with a lightning volt at the bottom (As a logo).
  • Include my profile logo along with the title ‘AlvinFun Entertainment’ at the bottom right side.
  • A few gims on different courses (Top Left: Fishtopia, Top Right: Capture the Flag (Echo vs. Vortex), Bottom Left: Farmchain, Bottom Right: Snowbrawl).

The best thumbnail will be used on my map. Take as much time as you need to design the thumbnail.

I will keep this post open for a few more days in case there are more submissions coming.

i mean sorta advertising just remove the release dates

I suggest removing all the irrelevant info, to get right to the important details so people can make your thumbnail without having to read a paragraph.
It will most likely increase the amount of people that are making a thumbnail for you.


^^^ as cool as it is to know all this stuff id reccomend condensing it and saying what gims you want and thekind of style for the thumbnai, instead of release details

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I suck at drawing but i hope u have good luck ^^

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I can do it for you!

Some of my work:


this is good art you have done @Random_dude123

Do you mean what website I use it on?

If yes I use adobe firefly

I don’t want to spoil anything for other people but can you show me a screenshot?

i can also try helping, these are some of my examples:


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also good art @CAPRISUNS and did u make gimnite?

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ooh pixel art!
I like it!


thanks man!! : D rlly appreciate it

hey @Random_dude123 can you make me a thumbnail

there is going to be a poll at the end

your welcome i love being nice.

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Of cource @GIMKIT.CREATIVE! just let me finish this one first

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Aww, I love being nice too… :fox_face: :heart:


I get the main idea of what you want me to make @AlvinFun but what you stated was a little vague.
can you please give more detail of what you want to see?

Gim shooting a snowball to another gim ex.