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I would like a thumbnail for my game, called Elemental CTF. If you can, I would like element-based Gims, and the elements in the game are Water(top-left, snowball launcher, can teleport), Fire(Top-right, evil eye, temporary double damage), Air(Bottom-left, blaster, temporary speed boost), and Earth(bottom-left, wooden wand, can heal)
If you could make all the gims running towards a flag in the middle, that would be great!
Thank you!

dont repost please
(sory if this is not a repost I saw in the title it said take 2)

Oh, sorry. I’m new to the forums(by abt a month but really 3 days), and don’t know too much about them yet

if no one is replying to your topic, don’t make a new one please.

Ok, sorry. :sweat:
As i said earlier, I don’t know much yet, but thank you anyway

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just letting you know so you don’t make the same mistake again.

otherwise you may get flaaaaaagged… :slight_smile:

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